which sex toy to buy amazon

When picking a sex toy, pleasure is key – but what should you buy on Amazon? That’s the million dollar question. Well, I’m here to help you! Let me tell you a little story.

My girlfriend and I weren’t sure where to begin when it came to getting into the world of sex toys. We wanted to take things nice and slow – take it step by step – since we weren’t sure what was out there and there was a seemingly endless variety of sex toys on Amazon. It got overwhelming pretty quick!

So, our first purchase was something fairly simple. We bought a small bullet vibrator. It was discreet, came with a range of different speeds, and didn’t take up much room. It was a great start for us, and we were able to get pleasure without being overwhelmed.

We weren’t brave enough for bondage gear just yet, so we decided to stick with the small bullet vibrator until we were comfortable with it. My girlfriend particularly liked the variety of speed settings – it allowed for some great experimentation! Plus, it was great for getting to know each other in an intimate way.

After a few months, and once we got more used to our toy, we decided to expand our collection. We stepped it up a notch and bought a rabbit vibrator. This was a great way to build on the pleasure we were already getting. It had different speeds settings, so we could really get creative with the sensations it created. As we were getting to grips with using the rabbit vibrator, we were becoming increasingly confident.

The next toy we decided to buy was a prostate massager. This was a great way to explore P-spot pleasure for the first time and it really enhanced our sex life. The prostate massager we bought from Amazon was relatively affordable, vibrators plus it had some great user reviews that were really helpful. It was an incredibly exciting piece of kit that helped us to uncover unexplored areas of pleasure!

Our most recent sex toy purchase was a strap-on dildo. A strap-on is the perfect way to explore different types of sex. I found it really liberating to use and it added a whole new dynamic to our sex life. I especially liked the idea of being able to penetrate my girlfriend too. It was great to be able to give the same pleasure – what an interesting and exciting experience!

That’s the story of how our sex toy collection began. We had a lot of fun experimenting with different types of toys, and found it a great journey of exploration. The best thing about Amazon is that there is always something new to try, and prices are generally quite affordable. So, if you’re looking for a sex toy to get started with, I’d definitely recommend Amazon – it’s one of the safest and most reliable places to purchase toys online.

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