Well, I’m here to tell you about male masturbators filled with water.​ I’ll try to be tasteful about it, but I’ll admit that I find this kind of thing rather humorous.​

When I first heard about these special toy masters, I was shocked to say the least.​ I had only ever heard of vibrators, which, admittedly, dildos I had never been brave enough to use.​ But a male masturbator filled with water? It was completely new to me!

When I got up the nerve to actually try it out, I was amazed at how realistic the experience felt.​ The sensation of water spilling over my skin and the pressure that built up from the different settings were like nothing I had ever experienced before.​ It felt really good, and I loved it!

I also noticed that the water helped the pressure stay steady and even, much like a massage.​ It was just the right combination of pleasure and pain.​ I found myself actually preferring the water-filled masturbator over a regular vibrator after a few tries.​

The best part, for me at least, was that I didn’t have to worry about using a lubricant.​ The water filled the device, so I could use it as long as I liked without having to stop and constantly reapply lubricant.​ It was a real time saver!

I also liked that there were so many different settings to choose from.​ I could change the pressure and speed to suit whatever I was looking for.​ I even found a setting that was just right for me!

These types of water-filled masturbators have made the idea of male masturbation much more stimulating.​ And they are very easy to use, so I can enjoy them whenever I like.​ I find that they really help add some extra excitement to my solo playtime.​

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