trojan tantrix male masturbator

Oh my! Have you heard about the Trojan Tantrix Male Masturbator? I was recently shown this unique male pleasure toy and am so here for it! I mean, all the bedroom goodies I’ve tried but this baby takes the cake.​ It’s like being transported to levels of otherworldly pleasure I never thought possible!

So what is this amazing device? It is the biggest breakthrough in male sex toys in recent memory.​ It’s essentially a vibrator for men, but it is designed to fit snugly in the hand and be used for masturbation.​ The shape of the Tantrix is designed with pleasure in mind, and it has a curved edge that sits to the roof of your palm and curves around your pointer finger like a ball.​ It’s incredibly comfortable and easy to maneuver.​

The controls are also intuitive and simple.​ The Tantrix has three buttons that control vibration intensity.​ Plus, you can select from 12 custom vibration patterns to keep the experience fresh.​ It’s really fun!

The powerful yet quiet motor inside the Tantrix means that you can use it anywhere without worrying about getting caught.​ And the clever outer design has a neat feature that keeps your hand nice and cool during use.​

As for the material it’s made out of, it’s medical grade silicone.​ That means it’s not only safe to use on the body, but it’s also hypoallergenic and free from phthalates, latex, and other nasties.​

I’m even more impressed with the battery life.​ It can last up to five hours before needing a recharge.​ Plus, it takes only two hours to charge fully, so you don’t need to wait too long to get back to playing.​ That’s a huge plus for me with any sex dolls toy.​

Finally, I’m loving the fact that it’s waterproof.​ That means I can add some nice slippery lube and take it into the shower or tub for some extra special fun.​ I’m telling you, the pleasure is out of this world!

So, if you think this sounds like the perfect addition to your bedroom collection, I can definitely recommend giving the Tantrix a try.​ It’s the ultimate male pleasure toy and I’m sure you’ll love it too.​

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