Talking to my friend about the inventor of sex dolls is a fascinating conversation. It’s something that not many people know about and it’s intriguing to think about who the very first person was who created these life-like dolls, complete with anatomy that mimics a person’s.

I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the inventor of sex dolls happened to be a man. It was in the late 19th century when the very first sex dolls were created, by an Austrian man named Eugen Steinach. He was a renowned anatomist, and his dolls were made from rubber, with a hard plastic ornaments to resemble human body parts. They even had mobility – a moveable headless torso and four limbs.

These dolls created a stir in Vienna and surrounding area. While most people were shocked, others were fascinated. It was a time of exploration in Vienna-the ‘capital of sex’- and Steinach’s dolls were something new and innovative. He made the dolls out of materials that were meant to stimulate the pleasure of both men and women.

The concept of the sex dolls was further developed by French sculptor and inventor, Alain Gorincourt. His dolls, which he called ‘Lilith’s’, were made from soft porcelain and featured realistic heads and other body parts. Several of these dolls even featured wigs, lingerie and accessories.

Gorincourt was so ahead of his time that he even created some dolls with complex inner mechanics, including a device which allowed him to move the arms and legs in a realistic way. His creations were considered groundbreaking in the world of erotic art, and the dolls gained notoriety in museums and exhibitions in the late 19th and early 20th century.

At this point in time, sex dolls had become popular and had widespread appeal. They were even beginning to be used for pleasure purposes, as some people would use the dolls to simulate intercourse. It’s incredible to think that something so outrageous and taboo back then, is now so normalised today.

The sex dolls of today look nothing like those of the past. With the advances in technology and materials, the latest designs now look and feel almost lifelike, even down to their facial expressions and body movements. They come in different shapes and sizes, and contain interactive features such as voice and facial recognition. Most doll creators today also allow buyers to customise their dolls, so if there is a specific look or feature that someone desires, they can have it within their doll.

The most amazing thing about the sex dolls of today is the effect they have on the people who purchase them. Most people report feelings of companionship and pleasure, which could have a positive influence on their mental health. It has also been argued that sex dolls could help combat loneliness and provide a safer alternative to real-life intimacy. The idea of having a personalised companion who will always be there for dildos you and never leave is an idea which has been met with huge admiration.

The latest additions to the sex doll world are robotic sex dolls. These dolls are powered by artificial intelligence and can be programmed to interact with their user on a more intimate level. The robots’ programmed personalities can be tailored to what the user dictates, and they can hold conversations, recognise emotions and even respond to touch.

It’s incredible to think that such a device is now becoming commonplace, and while sex dolls continue to be met with mixed reactions, it’s safe to say that no one could have predicted the impact that Eugen Steinach and Alain Gorincourt would have on the sex doll industry.

The import of sex dolls has been on the rise lately, and it would seem that, for better or worse, these dolls are here to stay. But, dildos regardless of the controversy that surrounds them, one thing is for sure: they’re a great conversation starter. Who knew that the once taboo topic of sex dolls would be so openly discussed?

In my opinion, sex dolls can provide a safe means of pleasure for those who identify as not wanting a real-life partner. Whether you’re single, or just want an additional outlet for self-pleasure, they can provide an outlet and a form of companionship without all the complications of traditional relationships. That being said, I also think it’s important to remember that we shouldn’t rely on sex dolls to replace physical intimacy with people, as ultimately, these dolls are just objects that cannot offer true companionship.

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