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I feel so sorry for all those teens around the world who don’t have the kind of relationship they want with others – struggling to find someone to love and feel accepted by. To me, it feels a lot like these kids are being left behind and overlooked.

Recently, I heard about this new kind of “skinny sex doll” targeted to teenagers. It’s essentially a robot that can be programmed to “simulate” a relationship with a real person. This means, teenagers can pretend like they are in a relationship, although it’s really just a robotic version of a partner.

I couldn’t believe it when I first heard about it. To me, it seemed like a very sad symptom of an even bigger problem – a problem that exists in many societies around the world. Either teens don’t have the resources or the support that they need to findt and maintain a relationship with someone real, or they are too scared to explore that option.

It made me think of all the young people I know who would be so envious of this facsimile of love that a skinny sex doll has to offer. I thought about how they would love to be able to bring the doll out to parties or just to have someone they can talk to, even if it’s just a robot that doesn’t understand what they are saying.

That’s why I think it’s so important to provide young people with the opportunities to explore relationships with real people in their own age. I understand if it’s intimidating and scary for them. But if they don’t get a chance to experience real love, not fake love, then this skinny sex doll could become an even bigger problem than it already is.

I also think parents and caregivers need to be much more aware of the dangers of this new artificial partner. There are lots of reports from psychologists who say that teens might become too attached to the robot and not be able to distinguish between what is real and what isn’t. The robot might even be able to recognize the teen’s emotional vulnerabilities, which could lead to a lot of harm.

More than anything else, vibrators I hope this product serves as an opportunity for sex dolls us to open up more meaningful conversations about relationships. We need to focus less on the technologic aspect of this product and more on its potential to help the teens who desperately need it.

We also need to explore different ways of helping teens get the emotional support they need. For example, mentoring programs and peer support groups could be set up to give teens a safe space to talk about their feelings and explore how to have relationships with real people.

We should also focus on teaching teens about issues like consent, respect, healthy communication and how to stay safe. It’s important that teens know how to identify when someone is taking advantage of them, as well as how to set boundaries and how to take a stand against any kind of abuse.

Remote Control Vibrators - 5 Remote Control VibratorsAs a society, we need to be more aware that there are teens who find it hard to trust other people and who are vulnerable to manipulation. We need to recognize that some teens are so desperate for connection that they’re reaching out for a robotic partner. A skinny sex doll isn’t the answer. We have to decide how we can best support teen’s emotional needs.

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