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I always found sex dolls a little creepy, and when I first heard about little sex dolls – well, it made me really uneasy. It’s like a whole new level of creepy. I mean, what’s the purpose of them? Are they for Penis Rings children? As if grown-ups don’t have enough problems to worry about without introducing love dolls to children.

My first thought was, these little sex dolls are a sign that we have truly lost the plot. Now, I’m not talking about adults and teenagers using dolls – that’s a different story, although I find it just as weird but at least their intentions have some kind of purpose. But where do these little sex dolls come from?

Well, it turns out that there are companies that specialize in making lifelike little sex toys dolls. They are made from silicone and plastic and look just like a real child. I’m telling you, just looking at them makes my skin crawl. When you look into their eyes – I swear, they are so lifelike. It’s really disconcerting, and it gave me shivers along my spine.

That made me start to think, are these dolls healthy? I mean, who are they intended for? Are they for collecting? Are children meant to use them for play? It’s all disconcerting. I thought, this type of thing is not good, and I have to do my part to make sure that these dolls don’t reach children. I think it’s important that people recognize the kind of message that these dolls portray, and that even if a child can’t articulate it, it’s sending a signal of wrongness.

We should not be creating dolls of any kind for children, least of all little sex dolls. We want our kids to learn about healthy relationships and activities. Let them interact with the world instead of simulacrum of the world. I’m glad there are organizations out there taking a stand against these kinds of dolls – they need to be talked about more in the open,without stigma or shame.

Now that I’ve established my opinion on little sex dolls, now let’s talk about the legality around dolls of this kind. Many countries and states have laws that specifically mention that there is no market for such dolls. There are also some countries – such as Germany – that have banned little sex dolls altogether. It’s incredible to think it’s at a stage now where some governments are taking steps to make sure that such products stay away from children.

Finally, let’s talk about the ethical concerns of little sex dolls. It’s sad to think that a company has chosen to make something so wrong for a profit. It’s not only ethical but it’s also dangerous. Such dolls can encourage negative behavior in children, and can potentially even develop pedophilic tendencies in those who buy them. This has to be stopped.

The ethical implications of these dolls are beyond this discussion, however. What’s clear to me is that while adults should be free to make their own decisions about their own lives, they should not make those decisions for children. That’s why I will never want a little sex doll in my home.

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