romantix penis pumps

I’m always so embarrassed when it comes to talking about sex dolls toys so I’ve definitely been a bit reluctant to try out a Romancex penis pump.​ But I had to admit that I was curious about it.​ I mean, how often do you come across something like this? It wasn’t like I’d be able to find one at my local pharmacy.​

Even still, it felt so weird and uncomfortable making my order.​ I was convinced that everyone working there would be judging me.​ But, they were actually really friendly and helpful- in hindsight, I should have known better than to think the worst right away.​

When the box arrived, I felt a sense of relief- I could finally try out the pump and no one else had to know.​ I figured out how to set it up and slowly began the process of using it.​ I was a little bit hesitant at first but then I started to feel the suction and it was actually kind of exhilarating! I was pleasantly surprised by the results and felt proud of myself for being so brave and adventurous.​

Going from the first time I mustered up courage to make the order to finally using the Romancex penis pump was like night and day.​ I’d been worried about making the purchase, and then I remembered why I’d done it in the first place.​ The pump made me feel powerful and confident, two feelings that I was striving for when I made the decision to buy it.​

Using the Romancex penis pump was definitely a fun experience! I couldn’t help but think just how much it changed my perspective on sex toys.​ I mean, I’d owned a few them before, but nothing quite like this.​ I think I might just be hooked now- and who wouldn’t, right?

Now, I’m glad I was brave enough to give the Romancex penis pump a try.​ It’s opened me up to a whole new world of sex toys that I would never have known about if I hadn’t taken the plunge.​ The satisfaction I get from using it is unparalleled- and I can’t deny the fact that it’s improved my sex life too!

Since I’ve been using the pump, I’ve also bought a few other accessories like lubes and vibrators.​ They’re all products that I never imagined I’d be interested in, but I have to say- there’s something so alluring about exploring new things.​ I feel like I’m on some kind of wild adventure!

I’ve tried out all sorts of things since I first got the Romancex penis pump -and I’m definitely not done yet.​ I’m planning to expand my horizons even more and see what else I can explore.​ Who knows what I’ll discover next!

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