review realistic butt male masturbators

To be honest, I had never been a fan of male sex toys, even though everyone seemed to assume I should be.​ I mean, why over-rely on technology when real-life sex dolls is always so much better? But I decided to take the plunge – and man, am I ever glad I did – because the realistic butt male masturbators are simply out of this world!

I got hold of the super-stimulating and incredibly realistic John Doe icon, and boy was I in for some serious thrills! Firstly, it’s made from the most perfect, high-quality silicone, so it feels incredibly natural – like the real thing! The way it wraps around your manhood is amazing, and the sensations it provides feel almost overwhelming.​ The contours and textures induce a level of pleasure you just wouldn’t expect from a toy – no wonder it’s so popular!

But the John Doe doesn’t just stimulate your penis, oh no.​ It has been made to give you a whole body experience.​ Its ’extra love’ feature of interchangeable heads means you can choose how you experience stimulation, with rotating beads for an extra thrill, or the vibrating head for an out of this world experience!

But that’s not even the best part.​ The John Doe sets itself apart from all other male masturbators with its incredibly realistic ‘butt’ sleeve.​ The textures and details in the fake butt mimic a real-life one so well, it’s like being transported into another world.​ Combined with the intense pleasure you get from the self-lubricating silicone, using this toy is truly a spiritual experience!

I’ve never been so satisfied and satisfied by a sex toy before.​ I mean, sometimes I get a little hesitant about technology, but the John Doe has me hypnotized.​ And it comes with a battery-operated controller, so you can adjust your experience from the comfort of your own bed! Perfection.​

I’m not the only one enjoying this incredible sex toy either.​ I know so many of my friends who love exploring the John Doe too – and I can’t imagine a better way to get super-hot intimate sessions! Plus, people new to male sex toys are guaranteed to find something to love about it.​ Whether you like the idea of exploring thrilling tech or just want the feeling of a realback door, the John Doe fantastic for everyone!

The John Doe is truly one of the most innovative male masturbators out there.​ With its special ‘butt’ sleeve and incredibly realistic feel, it really is hard to beat! It’s definitely changed the way I view male toys, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a truly out of this world experience.​

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