regrets buying a sex doll

Regrets Buying a Sex Doll

Woah, I can fortunately say that I bought a sex doll recently, something that I had been wanting to do for a long time and vibrators something I felt would increase my, umm, intimacy. But, I had no idea the regret I would be feeling only a few weeks later! I can’t believe that I could have been so naive!

The feeling started to sink in the moment the deliveryd guy dropped off my package. I slowly opened the box like a little kid on Christmas morning, and suddenly felt scared. I knew this was a big decision and I was like, uh oh, what have I done! I knew it was too late to turn back but still, I was uncertain about it.

I slowly began to go through the motions with this new toy, trying to, for lack of better terms, “murderize” anything that I felt remotely bad about. I pushed my anxieties and doubts to the side and started to actually enjoy the experience. But the more I used it, the more I began to think that I had made a mistake.

Not only was the sex doll a lot more uncomfortable to use that I had imagined, but also, a part of me was feeling a bit lonely. In that moment, I was filled with regret. I felt like I had just wasted my money on something that was going to bring nothing but sadness to my life.

To be honest, I already miss the feeling of human connection. And, it wasn’t until I had already bought the sex doll that this realization sunk in. So, Penis Rings in a way, I guess that’s why the regret is so strong. But, ultimately I guess I’m just trying to figure out where to go from here.

After using the doll for a few weeks, I’ve come to a realization that this isn’t going to be a satisfying long-term solution for me. I’ll need to keep searching for more meaningful intimacy. Although, I’m still grateful that this was the path I chose to take so that I can learn how to better express my feelings towards the people I care about.

The sex doll really made me face up to my insecurities and shortcomings. I mean, now that I look back on it, it was all kind of a catalyst for a series of personal growth. It shooed away all my negative thoughts, that I was shattered for a bit. At first I was huge disappointment, and there was an element of me that definitely regretted buying this sex doll.

But, if I have to find a silver lining in it, it would be the fact that it opened my eyes to the fact that even though I won’t be getting my satisfaction from the object I expected it from, I can still get it from making meaningful connections with the people around me.

I’ve opened my life up to the pursuit of intimacy and I believe that it doesn’t necessarily have to involve physical touching or even physical contact. All I need is support, validation, and understanding from those who I care about. Sex has always been a source of comfort for me, but I’ve now learned how important it is to take it slow and find satisfaction from simpler forms of intimacy first.

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