pdx male interactive bad boy masturbator

I recently discovered a new type of male interactive masturbator called the Portland Male Interactive Bad Boy Masturbator and I was intrigued.​ So, with a sense of curiosity, I decided to go ahead and buy it.​

When I received my package I was super excited to see what I had gotten myself into.​ When I opened the box I was immediately impressed with the quality and design of the product.​ It was made of a soft silicon material that felt awesome on my hands and was designed to fit perfectly around my manhood.​

The masturbator came with attached headphones and a remote control so I could easily adjust the settings and start enjoying the experience.​ I put the headphones on and began to explore the toy, which was quite amazing!

I got a real rush from interacting with the masturbator as it vibrated and teased me, as I went through the different levels of intensity.​ It was like any other masturbator vibrators I had used before, however the interactive aspect made it that much more pleasurable and naughty.​

The product can also be used with sex toys such as dildos, and even other people! This was something I had never tried before and it was a whole new world of pleasure.​ It gave me access to all the naughty pleasures I have always craved for.​

The device is also very simple to clean, with a wet cloth, and there is also a storage case that comes with it.​ So far, I am really happy with my purchase and I’m now a proud owner of the Portland Male Interactive Bad Boy Masturbator.​

In regards to its overall design, it is sleek and modern in its appearance.​ It’s also very portable and discreet.​ As a result, I can bring it with me wherever I go, and whenever I travel, I know I will always have a bit of fun in my pocket.​

In terms of its features, it comes with a lot of modern technology such as multiple vibration modes, which can be configured to different levels of intensity.​ This allows for a completely personalised experience that I have grown to love.​

I’ve also been exploring the numerous other settings the toy comes with, and I am excited to have a toy that also functions as an enjoyable way to improve sex skills.​ The interactive feature of the toy is extremely enjoyable and this new pleasure tool has become my ultimate go-to product.​

The interactive feature of male masturbators is something I believe is going to be popular in the near future, especially if you like to spice up the bedroom, or have some naughty fun any time of day.​

In terms of other interactive features, there is a chat function which allows you to talk and interact with your partner.​ It is extremely interactive and will allow you to take things to the next level of pleasure.​

Finally, I am happy to report that this device is actually much better than I thought it would be.​ It is very easy to use, and is well designed with modern features, all of which I enjoy and use regularly.​ Even if you are new to the concept of interactive male masturbators, I would highly recommend this device.​

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