jav wife and daughter sex dolls

I can’t believe what I’m hearing lately – Jav Wife and Daughter Sex Dolls. I had heard of silicone doll sex robots but never dolls for sexual use. I’m shocked and horrified.

When I heard about it, I was shocked, because these dolls are marketed as perfect companions for lonely people. They promise unconditional love, companionship, and intimacy – but I don’t think any of that is true. It’s an incredibly unethical way to make money off of vulnerable people who may or may not have a sexual interest in their partner.

I can only imagine how traumatic it must be for any woman or child when a man purchases a sexuality doll designed to be their wife or daughter. I feel incredibly angry that children and women are reduced to mere objects like this. It objectifies them and can lead to the normalization of sexualizing minors and relationship abuse.

Besides being incredibly exploitative, these dolls could even be dangerous. Surprisingly, these dolls are made without child safety locks or laws that protect minors. So they are at risk of being exposed to sexual content and even physical abuse.

What disgusted me even more was that these dolls come with customization features that allow buyers to choose physical attributes like skin tone, body type, Penis Rings hairstyles, and clothing – which further objectifies women and children.

The thing that struck me the most is that these dolls are marketed as “the perfect companion.” How it is possible to look at a doll and see something that resembles love? This reminds me of the recent Disney movie ‘Beauty And The Beast.’ In that movie, a child buys a doll that “loves him.” To me, these dolls do not equate to real, loving relationships, but that they remove from individuals the opportunity to form genuine connections.

It’s so concerning that manufacturers of Jav Wife and Daughter Sex Dolls are able to get away with this type of objectification and exploitation. I shudder to think that these dolls are marketed and sold to vulnerable individuals who may or may not be able to distinguish between a real human and a doll. It’s absolutely sickening.


I am also deeply troubled to think that these dolls might further normalize certain harmful sexual behaviors. As a society, dildos we have been trying to move away from cultures where women and children are objectified as mere possessions. Yet, these dolls are being presented as a viable solution for those looking for companionship and physical intimacy, suggesting that these same objectifying attitudes are acceptable.

As a parent, it scares me to think that some innocent children might stumble across these dolls or might be exposed to them in some way. Not only is it wrong to expose children to such a suggestive material, but it could also lead to warped ideas about sexuality at a young and impressionable age.

What’s more disturbing is that many of these dolls are marketed as being customizable. According to the manufacturer’s website, customers can choose the physical attributes of their desired doll such as skin tone, eye color, body type, and clothes. I find this deeply concerning, as it implies that women and children can be customized to accommodate an individual’s desires.

Moreover, these dolls come with an artificial intelligence system, which means that they can engage in conversations, remember preferences, display emotions, and even give compliments. These dolls are designed to appear as a real person, and yet because they are artificial, there is no risk of rejection. It’s worrying to think that such dolls could eventually persuade people that they don’t need real people in their lives.

I can’t help but think that Jav Wife and Daughter Sex Dolls can have an incredibly detrimental effect on us as a society. I fear that if this trend is allowed to continue, then we will gravitate away from genuine interpersonal relationships and move towards the commodification of women and children.

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