It all started when I noticed a friend of mine talking about his penis pump program.​ He said he’d been using it to increase the size of his penis and that he was really happy with the results.​ At first I thought he was just bragging, but then he showed me the before and after photos and I was speechless.​ I could definitely see the difference and it was amazing! As any man would be, I was intrigued and decided to look into the topic a bit more.​

After doing a bit of research, I found out that a penis pump program is basically a way of exercising the Penis Rings to make it bigger.​ It typically involves using an air-vacuum device and some kind of lubricant in order to create a suction that helps stretch out the tissue in the penis.​ As the tissue stretches, it encourages more blood to flow in, which makes the Penis Rings bigger over time.​

At that point I was sold, but I had to find the right device.​ After doing more research I settled on a device called the SizeGenetics Penis Pump System.​ It was the highest rated device on the market and it seemed easy to use.​ Plus, it came with a six-month money-back guarantee so I felt comfortable making the purchase.​

I got the device in the mail and read through the instructions.​ After that, I set up a routine for myself and began using it three times a week.​ After a few weeks of consistent use, I started to notice a definite difference in size.​ It was incredible; I was finally getting the results I’d been hoping for!

The next few months flew by and when the six-month mark came up, I’d definitely made some amazing progress.​ I was thrilled and couldn’t believe the transformation I’d made in such a short amount of time.​ I even re-checked the before and after photos to remind myself of where I’d started.​

The next step in my journey was to figure out how to maintain my results.​ I decided to research natural ways to continue to improve and stumbled across a combination of supplements and special exercises.​ I began taking the supplements and performing the recommended exercises and noticed an even bigger change.​

I was ecstatic! Not only had I increased the size of my penis, but I felt like I’d gained a new confidence.​ I’d never felt so comfortable in my own skin and it’s all thanks to the penis pump program.​

Then I figured out the best way to talk to women about it.​ That’s when I started to get an overwhelmingly positive response.​ Most of them were impressed and some even asked me to share my story for others to hear, so I started a blog to talk about it.​

I’m currently using the penis pump program, along with the other techniques I’ve learned, to try and improve my size and I’m seeing results! The extra length and girth I’ve been able to achieve have made a huge difference in how I feel about myself and it’s been such an incredible journey.​

My next step is to push my results even further and I’m considering trying out a few more techniques and supplements.​ So far I’m keeping my blog up-to-date with my progress and I’m also sharing education tips to help other men make it part of their journey.​

Sex Dolls That Talk Back - The New York TimesWhat’s really great about the penis pump program is that it works.​ I’ve seen the results for myself and it’s definitely worth the time and effort, not to mention the financial investment.​ With that said, you do have to be patient, consistent, and dedicated when it comes to this type of program.​ It won’t happen overnight, but I’m sure you’ll get results if you stick to your routine.​

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