I was recently at a male masturbator demonstration and it truly was an experience of a lifetime.​ To be honest, before that day I hadn’t used a male masturbator and didn’t even really understand their purpose.​ So walking in, I was a little intimidated and felt a bit out of my element.​

But then it happened.​ As the demonstrator dildos began taking the male masturbator out of the box, I felt my heart start to race and my adrenaline start pumping.​ Seeing the device in person really intrigued me and it all felt surreal.​

The demonstrator then proceeded to show us how to use the male masturbator and I was shocked at how easy it was.​ She held it in one hand and she moved it around with ease.​ She made sure to explain every detail to us which definitely made me feel more comfortable.​

Next, the demonstrator ran through some different male masturbator techniques.​ She showed us how we could use different speeds, pressure, patterns and vibrations to maximize our pleasure.​ After each demonstration, she asked us to try it out ourselves in order to feel the difference.​

By this time I was feeling pretty daring and curious.​ I decided to try out some of the different techniques she had demonstrated and Penis Rings found out that I really enjoyed it.​ I also felt a sense of confidence in myself like I could take control of my pleasure.​

Finally, after the demonstration, I talked to the demonstrator for a few minutes.​ She was extremely knowledgeable about male masturbation and gave me some helpful tips.​ She also said I could come back to the store anytime with any questions or issues I might have.​

156 cm real sex doll,solid silicone small flat chest love dolls for men,realistic oral sex robot ...I’m so glad I went to that male masturbator demonstration.​ It has truly opened my eyes to the world of male masturbation and how it can be such an amazingly pleasurable experience.​ I’m now feeling so much more confident about my own masturbation and I’m excited to explore and discover even more!

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