I know some of you out there are wondering…do girls like to ride dildos? And I’m here to give you the tea on the situation. Here’s my personal story with the facts.

To start off, I can tell you first hand, yes absolutely girls can enjoy riding dildos. It’s all about having the right one, setting the mood, and working your way up to it like any other sex toy. When done right, it can be a thrilling experience that can leave you feeling ecstatic. It’s even been known to lead to multiple orgasms.

The first thing to tackle when deciding to try dildo riding is finding the right one. It’s important to consider size and material, because you want something that you feel comfortable with. It makes a world of difference for first time riders. Whether you choose silicone, metal, glass, etc. it’s best to do your research so that you can choose the best toy for you.

And when setting up the mood, don’t be afraid to make it a sensual experience. Light some candles, grab some lube, and make sure the setting is right for you. Even a long, luxurious bath can do wonders in getting you in the mood. Taking it slow and steady is the way to go when exploring dildo riding so that you can build up your pleasure.

Once you’ve taken all the proper precautions and have the right equipment, you can start to explore. For those who enjoy clit stimulation, rocking your hips back and forth on your toy can be incredibly satisfying while at the same time feeling incredibly naughty. For those who enjoy deeper penetration, taking your time and slowly thrusting yourself back and forth can be incredibly delicious.

Once you’ve hit your pleasure points, dildo riding can be a great way to achieve multiple orgasms. The sensation of the dildo hitting all the right spots while you grip it and move it around can be amplified with clitoral stimulation. A lot of girls like the idea of combining the sensations for a completely full-body experience.

These were just my experiences and opinions, but I’d love to hear what your experiences are. Do you like riding dildos? Do you have any tips or tricks for first time riders? Share your experiences in the comments so we can learn from each other!

One thing I will mention is that safety should always be paramount when using any sex toy. That means making sure you have a reliable lube, working with an appropriate toy, and not pushing your limits. And never forget to listen to your body and what it’s telling you.

Overall, dildo riding can be an extraordinary and unique experience that can be incredibly pleasurable and rewarding if done right. Once you find the right toy and the right setting, the sensation can be addictive. I highly recommend it as a way to explore yourself and your pleasure points.

Since talking about dildo riding, I’ve heard from a lot of girls who were hesitating to try it and have reported back extremely positive experiences. Everyone’s pleasure is different, and whatever that may be, I always encourage you to be excited and curious to explore.

Beyond that, using visual aids like documentaries, books, or sex dolls positive websites can be a great way to get insight into the world of dildo riding. Talking to your friends, asking questions, and being open to new experiences can also help you take the plunge.

One more thing every rider should do is make sure they are communicating with their partner (if you have one). Taking the time to understand and talk about pleasure and boundaries with your partners can help make sure everyone is safe, respected, and that you are both having an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

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