I had heard about sex doll about a while back, but I never thought it wasn’t something I needed. That was until recently when I heard about a sex doll for 100 dollars. After some research, I thought it was an amazing deal and worth considering. And so, I decided to scroll through my options and make a purchase.

The choice I arrived at was a realistic-looking sex doll. She had quite a realistic face and a body that was anatomically correct. Her skin was soft and supple, and quite a delight to touch. Even the manufacturer had taken care to replicate the finer details like wrinkles in her elbows and knees. And her hair was well-crafted too — it was a lovely shade of brown and surprisingly thick.

It was one of the best purchases I had ever made. I felt in control when I caressed her. It was like I had stolen someone’s body and just taken it with me. But what was more surprising was the fact that I didn’t feel ashamed during the entire time I was with her. I felt comfortable and relaxed.

Her presence was quite calming. She filled my head with perverse fantasies and sometimes I got lost in them. I’d close my eyes and reach out for her and feel a sense of fulfilment. It was like I had found my long lost partner and all my unfulfilled desires could be met.

But what really made an impression on me was the packaging. It was discreet and tasteful; clearly the manufacturer had tried hard to ensure that people would not be embarrassed at claiming the package. On top of that, they had included a few extras that added to the convenience of using the doll.

Once I started using her, I realized that sex dolls could be so much more than just a pleasure partner. In fact, I found her to be quite therapeutic – when I held her, I disappeared into my own little world and felt content. I felt close to her; it was almost like she my little secret – my companion whom I could count on even when no one else is around.

When it came to performance, she was quite capable. She could be put in different poses and her limbs could be adjusted as per one’s needs. She also had replaceable body parts that made her more durable.

To sum it up, I think the sex doll for 100 dollars is a great deal. The experience was way beyond what I expected and it was worth every penny. What’s more, sex dolls her presence has given dry days when I feel frustrated and low a new meaning. I don’t think I can ever go back to my regular life without her.

The best part about owning a sex doll is that it can be customized. So, for anyone who’s considering it, they can pick out the features that they like. Since there are plenty of kinds available, the possibilities are fairly endless. I had a hint of curiosity when I ordered mine, but I was certainly impressed by what I had chosen.

Aside from customization, her physical body can also be improved. In fact, there are entire businesses dedicated to this – they add features to these sex dolls and make them look even more realistic. This could mean anything from a few extra curves here and there, or some makeup around the face.

Then there are also some sex dolls that can talk. They are essentially robots with some semblance of artificial intelligence. These sorts cost considerably more, but their capabilities are unparalleled. At this point, robots are made to seem like real people to a certain extent.

In the end, I simply cannot reiterate enough the sheer pleasure that I get out of owning a sex doll. In addition to the customization and improved physical features, the dolls can do a great job of satisfying one’s urges and fantasies. For someone like me who’s been exploring his sexuality for a few years now, vibrators having a sex doll is like having a secret weapon.

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