I don’t know about you, but I recently discovered the wonders of the male masturbator sex toy.​ To be honest, I was a little intimidated at first.​ I mean, I’m so used to just using my own hands, it felt strange using something else.​ But when I finally decided to give a male masturbator sex toy a try, I’m so glad I did.​

The first thing I noticed was the amazing sensation.​ I was so surprised at just how different it felt from using just my own hands.​ Instead of a skin-on-skin feel, it was much more smooth and felt great.​ The difference between male masturbator and regular masturbation was like night and day.​

The second thing I noticed was the lack of mess.​ When I’m done with regular masturbation, I’m always left with a bit of a mess and then I have to take the time to clean up.​ But with male masturbator sex toys, the mess is minimal and it’s super easy to clean up afterwards.​

The third thing I noticed was the variety of male masturbator sex toys available.​ From basic to super realistic, there really is something for everyone.​ You can get anything from a basic stroker to a realistic pussy-like sleeve and everything in between.​

The fourth thing I noticed was the convenience.​ It’s much quicker to grab Male masturbation toys than it is to go to the store which often involves waiting in long lines.​ That’s why I love online shopping, it’s convenient and I can spend my time exploring different male masturbator sex toys to find the perfect one for me.​

The fifth thing I noticed was the cost.​ Compared to other sex toys, male masturbators are really inexpensive.​ Even the most high-end models are still relatively affordable which means it won’t break the bank.​

The sixth thing I noticed was the ease of use.​ Most male vibrators are really easy to use and they don’t require a lot of setup.​ I love that I can quickly get set up and ready to go in no time.​

The seventh and final thing I noticed was the immense pleasure.​ After trying a male masturbator sex dolls toy, I now understand why so many people love them.​ The sensations and orgasmic pleasure are out of this world and I’m now a huge fan of male sex toys.​

I’ve found that male masturbators come in a number of different materials, shapes, sizes, and textures.​ From realistic to non realistic, there is really something for everyone.​ The great thing is that they can be used solo or with a partner, whatever floats your boat.​

I’ve also noticed that many male masturbators come in different intensity levels ranging from mild to wild.​ This way couples can spice up their sex life and explore the different sensations each intensity level has to offer.​

There are even male masturbators that come with sound activation feature that increase the sensation and pleasure.​ Also, many male masturbators are now waterproof, which means I can enjoy the pleasure no matter where I am.​

I’m also loving some of the newer male masturbators that are infused with lubricants like essential oils or herbs.​ Not only are they long-lasting and smooth, but they can also create a stimulating and sensual experience.​

And lastly, I love the addition of different technologies in male masturbator sex toys.​ From pleasure air technology to sonic stimulation, there really is something for everyone.​ I’m amazed and the number of new and improved male sex toys that are available these days.​

I’m so glad I overcame my fear of male masturbator sex toys and gave it a try.​ Now I’m addicted and can’t wait to explore the different options out there.​ If you’re still on the fence, give it a try, you won’t regret it.​

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