how to make homemade penis pump with blood pressure meter

Hey there, so, I was sitting at home the other day thinking how nice it would be to have a homemade penis pump to use at my leisure.​ I thought to myself, “hey, why not just make one with a blood pressure meter?”.​ I knew from my research that it could be done and that it could be an amazing way to make a penis pump for those who don’t feel like spending the money for a professionally made one.​

Anyway, felt I could give it a shot with some parts and tools from the craft store and online stores.​ I started by getting the necessary parts – all of which I highly recommend you double check before you make the purchase.​ So, get yourself a blood pressure meter, an air pump, a tube of flexible plastic, and some glue.​ After you have all the parts, you are ready to start assembling the pump.​

First, you need to attach the blood pressure meter to the air pump.​ This is done by connecting them together with the flexible plastic tube and make sure it’s airtight.​ Then, you will need to glue the tube securely onto the pump.​ Once this is done, you can then attach the pump to the part of the Penis Rings you want to pump.​ This can be done by attaching it with a strap or a band.​

On that note, you need to be careful with the pump and make sure it is securely attached and not coming off – this can be dangerous if it does.​ Then, vibrators you want to measure the blood pressure in the area you are planning to pump, this way you can see if the readings are accurate, and also make sure your penis is sufficiently inflated.​

The last step which I found to be quite simple was attaching the tube and pressure meter to the pump – this was done with some more glue and an air tight seal.​ After everything was secure and checked, I tested out the pump – when my penis was sufficiently inflated, I couldn’t believe it, it felt awesome!

A disturbing number of child sex dolls have been intercepted by Australian Border ForceNow, I could go on and on about how amazing this homemade penis pump was, but I think you get the general idea.​ It’s really easy to make, and it can be a great way to have fun and experience new sensations.​ I know I’m looking forward to many more pumps in the future!

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