how to hold a male masturbator stroker in place

Once, when I was in college, I had the opportunity to experiment with a male masturbator stroker.​ I was excited, yet hesitant at the same time.​ I mean, I had never done anything like this before.​ But, I was ready to try something new.​ So, I did my research and asked some of my friends for tips on how to hold the male masturbator stroker in place.​

First and foremost, I was told not to rush.​ I needed to take some time to get acquainted with the sensation and make sure that I felt comfortable.​ Then, when I was ready, I was instructed to hold the male masturbator stroker securely.​ I needed to make sure that it was tight and not moving around.​ So, I applied pressure and made sure that it was firmly held against me.​

Next, I was instructed to use lube to help keep the male masturbator stroker in place.​ This was especially important if I wanted to experience more intense stimulation.​ I was also told to warm up the lube so that it felt more natural.​ This ensured that it stayed in place for a better and longer-lasting experience.​

Furthermore, I was advised to use the male masturbator stroker with a partner.​ This way, we could take turns and help each other to hold it in place.​ We could also support each other and share advice on how to make the experience more enjoyable.​

Finally, I learned about the importance of cleaning and maintaining my male masturbator stroker.​ I needed to clean it after each use to make sure that it was hygienic and free of any bacteria.​ I also needed to store the male masturbator stroker properly, in a dry and cool place.​

With these tips in my mind, I was confident enough to proceed.​ So, I followed my instructions and slowly started enjoying the feeling of the male masturbator stroker.​ I was careful but curious, vibrators hesitant but determined, and most of all, I was having fun and learning new things.​

The next step for me was to explore different types of male masturbators and find the one that best suited my needs and preferences.​ I quickly realized that there are many types of male masturbators that have different designs and features.​ From the most basic ones to the most advanced, there is definitely something out there for everyone.​

I also learned that I could customize my experience even further by combining different materials, textures and vibration settings.​ This gave me an even richer and more intense stimulation.​ Plus, by experimenting with lubes, creams or sex toys secretions I could discover new ways to explore my own pleasure.​

Finally, I learned that communication is key when using a male masturbator stroker with a partner.​ Talking openly and honestly about my experiences and expectations was really important.​ That way, we could both learn more and help each other have a better time.​

In conclusion, by following these tips and being patient and curious, I was able to have a surprisingly enjoyable and educational experience with my male masturbator stroker.​ Now, I feel much more confident and I can’t wait to try out new combinations and explore my own pleasure even further.​

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