how to clean mold from sex toy

I have been using my sex toy for about a year now and it has been amazing, until recently when I noticed it was starting to get the dreaded mold on it. Indeed, mold on your sex toy can be a difficult and awkward situation, so I wanted to help my fellow adventurers keep their toys clean and ready for sex toys action!

My first step in cleaning mold from my sex toy was to do some research. I read everything I could find about the best methods to clean my toy. I learned that using hot, soapy water and some rubbing alcohol could be used to not only clean the mold, but disinfect the toy too. I was definitely sold.

Next, I cleared my bedside table and prepared to tackle the problem head on. I put on some rubber gloves and grabbed my cleaning supplies. Carefully, I mixed some soap and water together in a bowl. Then I soaked my toy in the liquid for about a half hour or so. After, I gently scrubbed it clean with a soft cloth.

Finally, it was time to get out the rubbing alcohol. Though it may be the strongest of the cleaning agents, it was important to make sure that I used it in the right amounts. I mixed the alcohol with some water and dipped my cloth in the solution. Then I used it to give the toy a thorough cleaning, taking extra care not to get the surrounding area too wet.

Once I was satisfied with my cleaning job, I made sure to dry the toy off completely with some soft towels. I got rid of the excess moisture and put my toy off to the side on my table. Although the whole process was a bit time consuming and not quite as enjoyable as I’d like, it was definitely worth it.

My next steps were to make sure that my toy was stored properly, preferably in a cool dry place. So, instead of leaving it on my bedside table, I made sure to tuck it away in a drawer, so that it would be in a safe place and remain less susceptible to mold.

When it came time to use the toy again, I wanted to make sure that everything was still clean. To do so, I used some mild cleaning solution and wiped it down before use. Doing so gave me peace of mind, knowing that my toy was ready for action and free of mold.

Of course, I had to take further preventive measures to ensure that the mold would not return once again. I also used a toy cleaner regularly and made sure to have a good routine going, which eliminated any opportunity for the mold to come back.

Overall, my experience taught me that cleaning mold from your sex toy involves much more than simply getting rid of the mold itself. You have to make sure that everything is stored in a way that prevent mold from returning and also be willing to clean the toy regularly to make sure that it’s clean and fresh. So, even if the process isn’t the most fun thing to do, be sure you don’t skip any steps when it comes to keeping your toy in tip-top shape.

To conclude, with all of the different cleaning techniques available, it can be difficult to know where to start. However, by breaking it down into steps and using the right cleaning materials, getting rid of mold from your sex dolls toy is an achievable task. So don’t panic and just remember to take it one step at a time.

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