hieha male masturbation cup hand free thrusting automatic retractable stroker

It has been a long time since I first heard about the male masturbation cup–the hand free thrusting automatic retractable stroker.​ It seemed so revolutionary that I had to give it a try.​ I mean, who wouldn’t want an easier way to experience pleasurable sex?

For starters, the cup is hands-free, which means you don’t have to get your hands all sticky and gross.​ All you have to do is slide it over your penis and the sensation will be amazing.​ Plus, the thrusting action is automatic and powerful.​ This creates a whole new level of sensation that you don’t usually get during manual masturbation techniques.​

The added bonus? The cup is retractable.​ This means you can easily remove it after use, and keep it clean and hygienic.​ It’s also great if you’re in a public environment because you don’t have to worry about being seen using it.​

When I finally got my hands on it, I couldn’t wait to give it a try.​ I slipped it on and let the pleasure wash over me and it felt like nothing else I’d ever felt before.​ With its thrusting action and my hands free, I was able to just relax and enjoy the pleasure.​ My body trembled with pleasure and I could feel each movement of the cup inside me.​

When it was all over, I felt completely invigorated and relaxed.​ I could not believe just how powerful such an intimate experience could be.​ I have tried a few other products since then, but the male masturbation cup is honestly unbeatable.​

Not only does it take care of the heavy lifting, but it also allows for much longer sessions than manual play.​ This means you can stay in the moment for much longer and really savour the experience.​ Plus, you can adjust the intensity of the thrusts as you go, Penis Rings so you don’t become overstimulated too quickly.​

As far as I can tell, the male masturbation cup is the ultimate way to experience pleasure and relaxation.​ Not only does it make things easy and manageable, but it also provides an unbelievably intense experience.​ Highly recommended for vibrators anyone looking to really explore their pleasure and their own body.​

I’ve been using my male masturbation cup for a few months now, and I have to say, it has added a whole new level of pleasure and intimacy to my self-pleasure sessions.​ With all of the different speeds and intensities to choose from, there is an almost limitless range of sensation and pleasure.​ The cup gives me a chance to take my time and explore my own body and pleasure–something that I never felt I could do before.​

I also love that the cup is so discreet and easy to clean.​ It’s no longer a challenge travelling with my pleasure toy, because I know it won’t create too much of a stir.​ Cleaning it is also a breeze, which makes me feel much more relaxed and liberated.​

There is no denying that the male masturbation cup is a revolutionary toy.​ I find that it allows me to have longer, more intense sessions and reach new heights of pleasure.​ I’m especially fond of the thrusting action, as it really adds a new level of feeling to my self-pleasure exploration.​ If you’re looking for something more than just the hands-free experience, this is definitely worth investing in.​

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