good size for sex doll torso

As someone who has collected sex dolls for a couple of years, the size of the body parts for a doll matters a lot. Recently I’ve been thinking about the good size for the torso of a doll. Entering the world of custom-made sex doll torsos can be quite overwhelming, so I thought I’d help anyone else who is navigating the same terrain.

Firstly, a sex doll torso needs to be proportional to other features like arms, legs, and vibrators head. It should not appear too big or vibrators too small; if it’s oversized, it won’t look attractive and if it’s undersized, it will make the doll look awkward. So, it’s important to have a well-proportioned torso. I think the ideal torso size is between 85-100cm.

In my experience, the most crucial factor that affects the overall size of the torso is the angle of the hips. If the angle is too aggressive, the torso will be shorter in length. Also, if the angle of the hips is too high, the doll looks a bit unnatural and uncomfortable. On the other hand, if the angle of the hips is too low, the doll may appear too bulky. So, a doll with a moderate hip angle is usually the best choice.

The other important thing to consider when selecting the good size of a torso is the abdomen. A torso with a wider abdomen will help the doll to look more realistic and proportional. I always make sure to find a torso with a wider abdomen because it looks sexy and makes the doll appear more realistic. Typically, I pick a torso with an abdomen width of 20-25cm.

The area around the shoulders is another thing that needs to be taken into consideration. Many dolls have wide and round shoulders which gives them a bulky look, which I don’t like. But if the doll has narrow and sloping shoulders, it will look more attractive and proportional. I usually pick dolls with shoulder widths between 14-16cm to get the look I’m going for.

The last thing I pay attention to is the rib cage. It affects the overall shape of the doll and it should be well-proportioned. If the rib cage is too short, it will make the doll look out of shape and if it’s too long, it will make the doll look bloated. I usually go for a rib cage between 13-15 cm.

Overall, a good size for a sex doll torso is really dependent on various factors such as hip angle, abdomen width, shoulder width, and ribcage size. I think it’s essential to find a torso that’s well-proportioned in order to get the best look.

Furthermore, by mixing and matching all of these options, you can create a very unique, personalized look. For example, if you combine a short torso with wide hips and a narrow abdomen, you can create a really sexy and curvy look. If you choose a long torso and narrow hips, you will get a rather slim and elegant look.

Apart from just changing the size of the torso, you can also get creative with the details. A well-crafted thorax can add life to the doll and make her look more realistic. You can add detailed ribs, navel, nipple piercings, and even ribs. Also, adding a surgical scar can be a great way to make the doll appear more lifelike.

Additionally, you can think outside the box and experiment with different materials. Many dolls come with an option to choose between realistic fleshy materials and harder, silicone materials. If you want your doll to be more flexible, then choose a torso made with a fleshy material. And if you prefer a more rigid torso, then a harder silicone material is the way to go.

Also, you can choose between realistic-looking detachable parts and permanent parts. Detachable parts provide more options and customization, but permanent parts can help the doll look more realistic. However, the decision to choose between detachable parts and permanent parts totally comes down to personal preference.

Finally, you can also customize the internal structure of the doll. For example, you can choose to have metal skeletons, springs, or air-filled bodies in order to make your doll more versatile. The decision of which type of internal structure to pick completely depends upon the type of activities you plan to do with your doll as well as the look you’re hoping to achieve.

All in all, when it comes to choosing the perfect size for a sex doll torso, the options and customization are almost limitless. By taking into consideration factors like torso length, hip angle, abdomen width, shoulder width, rib cage and the type of material, you can create a doll that’s perfect for your needs.

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