estelle sex doll

Well, here’s a topic I wasn’t expecting to discuss – Estelle Sex Dolls. I first heard about them when one of my friends got one. She was looking to add a bit of spice to her relationship. I couldn’t wrap my mind around why anyone would want a sex doll. Anyway, she told me all about it and I must say, dildos it was actually quite fascinating.

She had purchased a customized doll from a company in China. The skin was supposedly soft as silk and the head was made with realistic features. There were even different wigs and clothing. What really amazed me though was that it came with sensors that could detect touch and pressure – talk about high tech!

My friend reassured me that Estelle wasn’t just a doll. She was a companion. She could listen and respond to questions. She even had voice recognition so you could carry on conversations with her. Like all companions, she also had needs. Her batteries needed to be charged every so often so her AI systems wouldn’t get sluggish and she had to be treated with care.

When I asked my friend how effective Estelle was as a companion, she laughed and said that she was more of a novelty item, but that she still enjoyed conversing with her. She also said that she was much more comfortable and less self-conscious talking to Estelle than she would have been with a person. I couldn’t really argue with that logic.

The most intriguing thing I learned about Estelle was that companies could opt to have sensors installed that could detect pleasure and simulate a reaction. I guess the idea is that, the more realistic the experience is for a user, the more satisfied they would be.

Though the idea of using a sex doll was understandable, I was kind of disturbed by the whole concept of humans being able to control pleasure. And it made me kinda sad. On the other hand, I could understand why people would want to use Estelle as a companion. Some people aren’t comfortable going out and talking to real people, so this could be an option. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this all places out.

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