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I have to admit, I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to dolls. Of course, you can find dolls that are made of all kinds of materials, from plastic to porcelain, but to me, dildos nothing compares to the beauty of traditional hard-bodied, hand-stitched cloth dolls.

When I discovered that there are entire films devoted to sex dolls, however, part of me was curious—and another part of me was a little horrified. How could a film about something so innocent—a cloth doll—be devoted to something so, well, adult?

Nevertheless, I decided to take a plunge and watched the first few minutes of one. While the doll’s face looked about the same as any other I had seen, the body was quite different. Instead of being plump and round, the doll’s body was completely flattened, stretched out and lacking any semblance of posable limbs.

At first, I was a little bit taken aback—and then I realized that the idea was sort of a genius. sex movies featuring dolls could create exactly the kind of sexual fantasy that someone would want to experience without ever having to involve another person.

An added bonus? No one could ever judge the viewer for what they were watching. After all, the dolls weren’t real, so why should it matter?

I watched a few more minutes of the movie before turning it off. The sight of a man and woman engaged in intercourse with the doll as if it were a real person was a bit too much for me and I simply didn’t have the stomach to watch any further.

I confess, I will never understand why someone would find sex dolls pleasurable, but it is obvious that for some people, these movies provide an outlet to explore a kind of fantasy that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to experience.

In the realm of sex dolls, there are also other kinds of movies available, including ones that feature dolls that have realistic features and expressions that are designed to mimic life-like human characteristics. Although these movies don’t contain explicit sexual acts, they do present some seemingly complex emotional scenarios. From what I can tell, some people are drawn to these movies because they want to explore the possibilities of enjoying sexual gratification without getting involved with another human being.

In addition to all the various types of sex doll movies, there are also some that feature robotic dolls—some with artificially intelligent components that can supposedly act like real people. These movies are often more fantasies than anything else, as the robots look more like dolls than actual living people, but they can be seen as intriguing as the scenarios presented in these movies may resemble real-life situations.

Finally, dildos there are also some movies that feature sex robots that are controlled via remote control. These robots are often made to look as realistic as possible and are programmed to respond to their human owners’ commands. From what I understand, these movies can be intriguing for the same reasons mentioned above—to explore fantasies and experiment with a “person” without having as much risk as exploring with an actual human partner.

While I’m no fan of dolls, I can certainly understand why some people might enjoy movies featuring these kind of sex robots or dolls. In the end, everyone’s motives and desires can differ widely, and ultimately it’s each person’s decision on what they choose to watch.

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