does-dollar-general-have-sex-toys The Classic Vibrator: Health \u0026 Personal Caredoes dollar general have sex toys

I can’t believe that someone asked, “Does Dollar General have sex toys?” I laughed so hard when my friend suggested that we go find out. We thought it would be funny to look. So one day after school, we drove to the nearest Dollar General store to find out if it was true.

When we got there and walked around the store, it was like that various aisles were in a dance. I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed for my friend and me. We were both too scared to look stupid in front of each other, so we hurried around. To my surprise, there weren’t any sex toys anywhere!

It definitely was not what I was expecting. I thought that by going to this store we would find a lot of adult toys, but the only thing we found was a section of regular toys and novelties. Even though I was a little disappointed, I was glad that the store was actually a family-friendly establishment.

The store clerks really made sure that there were no adult paraphernalia on the store shelves. I couldn’t help but think that Dollar General was doing an amazing job of keeping the store totally “G”-rated. We were both relieved, and amused by the situation. In the end, it made for a fun afternoon adventure.

We left the store thinking that all our worries were for nothing. Neither of us could think of any other reason why someone would want to ask: “Does Dollar General have sex toys?” It just didn’t seem to make sense.

We still laugh every time we remember that afternoon. The question of “Does Dollar General have sex toys?” became a comedy act in an unlikely setting. Next time someone you know asks this question don’t be so surprised, it’s not as far fetched as you think!

Okay next I want to talk about the romantic side of sex toys. Sex toys can really be used to enhance a romantic evening or weekend getaway. From massage oils to bi-lateral vibes and cock rings, there are lots of options to add spice to your love life! If it’s your first time using adult toys, make sure to talk to your partner and ask if they would be comfortable trying it out, so you can both make the most of the experience.

Many couples prefer to stay on the milder side of sex toys when they first start off. They usually start with things like intimate massage candles, clitoral stimulation, blindfolds and simple vibrators. As their comfort level with each other grows, then some might be more apt to try the more advanced adult toys like lubricant, harnesses, nipple clamps, and so on.

My next question would be, what feeling does a sex toy gives its users? As far as my experience is concerned, using a sex toy can make the experience fun, stimulating, romantic, hot, naughty, and even a bit sweat inducing. My friends definitely love the excitement of the moment when using their favorite adult toys.

The truth is, sex toys can as easily be used to create a feeling of naughty forbidden fun as they can to create a romantic evening of love and passion. It all depends on how each couple wants to use them!

I know people sometimes shy away from the idea of using adult toys, because they don’t feel they have enough experience with them. But that doesn’t have to be true, just embrace the fact that sex toys are a great way to add a bit of variety to any relationship. There’s no “right” way to use toys, no “wrong” way to use them, and you definitely don’t have to feel embarrassed.

I think everyone should be able to experience the kind of pleasure that adult toys can bring them. There’s literally something for everyone. With some of the more popular items being dual stimulating massagers, cock and ball rings, anal probes and suction toys.

Okay now let’s move on to the more extreme side of adult toys. Some couples like to take extreme pleasure to the next level, things like floggers, paddles, vibrators, advanced penis rings and kegel balls, nipple clamps, rope sets, anal plugs and even electro stimulation devices.

These extreme toys can provide intense pleasure or excruciating pain, depending on how they’re used. Take your time, do your research and go at a pace that suits you as a couple. You’ll find that many of these toys are absolutely amazing once you become familiar with them.

And finally, if you’re a beginner, there are plenty of beginner friendly adult toys out there too. There are many different styles and materials of condoms, lubes and creams to choose from, and plenty of beginner friendly vibrators and dildos. But if you want to take things to the next level, consider trying out some of the more advanced toys.

There’s nothing like a personal massage toy to give you those extra thrills. Or how about trying out the latest virtual reality gadgets? Whether your goal is to be more daring or have a bit of extra fun in bed, there’s something out there for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Take the plunge and try some out!

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