do pthalates affect men sex toys

I was recently browsing through a website online and noticed something odd about some of the male sex toys. It seemed like all of them were extremely expensive and had a lot of warning signs in the description. I was curious, so I decided to do a bit of research. Turns out it looks like the sex toys have a chemical called ‘Phthalates’ in them!

I had no idea what this chemical was so I immediately started to search all about it. I’ve now found out that it’s a type of plasticizer often used in plastics, not just in sex dolls toys! Apparently, ‘Phthalates’ are used to saturate plastics and make them softer or more flexible. This is why most sex toys have this chemical in them.

Even though these phthalates are used to make the sexiness softer, the problem is that some of these chemicals could potentially be dangerous if not handled properly. Those who use the male sex toys often run the risk of not only getting an irritation, but even burning sensations or allergic reactions. That’s definitely not what you want!

And while all of this is bad news, apparently there are ways to tell whether the sex toy you’re about to buy has ‘Phthalates’ in it or not. For starters, you need to make sure that you’re looking for phthalate-free toys. Also, it’s best to buy the sex toys from reputable manufacturers as they will typically state whether or not they contain this chemical on the description of the product.

However, it isn’t just about the risk of getting irritated or burning sensations. Some research suggests that long-term exposure to these phthalates may lead to endocrine disruption, reproductive issues, and even certain cancers. So, it’s vital that you are careful when choosing the right male sex toy.

Getting on with it, I also did some research on alternatives that can provide a similarly soft, yet safe experience. It turns out that some manufacturers use materials such as silicone or even elastomers that contain little to no phthalates. So, if you’re looking for a safe and soft experience, it’s always best to go with phthalate-free toys.

Moreover, it’s also important to make sure that you are properly cleaning your sex toys after every use. A good option is to get an antibacterial toy cleaner which will help to make sure that the materials used in these toys don’t start to degrade or discolor over time from use.

So, if you’re ever in the market for some male sex toys, make sure to keep an eye out for whether or sex dolls not they contain phthalates. It’s probably best to go with the phthalate-free options and, of course, make sure to keep these toys clean and safe to use at all times.

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