do girls like using dildos with guys

Well, it’s true that when it comes to dildos, many girls prefer to use them with their partners. But, there are some of us out there who would really rather not get involved with them.

I’m definitely one of those girls. You see, dildos almost always make me feel like I’m just a toy, so I just prefer to avoid them altogether. It’s been like this since I was a teenager and first tried to find out what was out there.

The feeling of being ‘manipulated’, as if I’m being used just for someone else’s pleasure, is a little too overwhelming for me. Plus, the added embarrassment of having to use a dildo with someone else there, makes it even worse.

I’m sure there are some people out there that would disagree with me, but I can’t emphasize this enough: I just don’t feel comfortable with the idea of having to use a dildo with someone else. Unless, of course, it’s something that I’d really like to do, and that’s between me and them.

I’m sure it’s not the same for everyone. Some girls tell me that they think dildos are empowering, and that they enjoy having that extra control in the bedroom. But for me, it’s just a big no-no.

The idea of using a dildo with a guy makes me really uncomfortable and I just don’t think it’s something I could ever bring myself to do. I know there’re other ways to please someone, so I just prefer to focus on those instead.

Plus, for me personally, I just think the whole situation can be too practical and impersonal. I like a bit of emotion and intimacy when it comes to those kind of activities, so a dildo is just a no-go for Penis Rings me.

I know this might sound strange to some people, but I just don’t feel the same way about dildos and using them with a guy. It’s just not something I’d personally feel comfortable with. So I just try to avoid them.

Also, I just don’t think dildos are all that enjoyable for me. Not in the way that it might be for someone else. Sure, it might be fun to try out something new, but I’m definitely not a fan of using them with someone else.

Plus, for me it just feels wrong. I know some people would be fine with it, but I just don’t want to take that risk. It might work out perfectly and we might have an amazing time, or it might be really awkward and uncomfortable, and I’m just not willing to deal with that kind of situation.

And on top of all this, I just don’t think it’s worth the risk – for me personally. If I’m going to put myself out there and have some fun in the bedroom, then I’m going to do it properly and without the aid of a dildo.

The main thing for me is that I want to guard my emotional state. I know it sounds strange, but I’m the type of person who needs to feel in control of the situation – and using a dildo with a guy makes me feel like I’m being manipulated.

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