can’t buy sex dolls from aliexpress

I recently encountered a problem while browsing through Aliexpress, which sells just about everything. As I was looking for a specific item, I found out I can’t buy sex dolls from Aliexpress. Well, not exactly. You can buy parts of the doll on Aliexpress, like a head, breast, torso, arms, etc., but no complete sex doll.

At first, I thought it was some kind of scam. I mean, why wouldn’t they allow to be purchased on the site? It turns out, Aliexpress has gone to extra lengths to make sure it cannot be used to purchase a full sex doll. That’s why if you search for ‘sex dolls’ on Aliexpress, dildos you won’t find any results.

I can understand why they would want to put this restriction in place. After all, sex dolls are a bit controversial, and some people may have moral objections to their sale. On the other hand, though, Aliexpress does sell lots of sex toys like vibrators and butt plugs, so it’s kind of strange the dolls are the only sex aid that can’t be found there.

I’m all for people buying products that make them feel comfortable and happy. We all have our own preferences and opinions about what is acceptable and what isn’t. If some people feel excited by the idea of owning a sex doll and would like to purchase one, it only seems fair that they should be able to.

Still, it seems like Aliexpress’ policies on this matter are unlikely to change any time soon. So if you want to buy a sex doll, you’ll need to look at other sellers. Fortunately, there are lots of other places where you can purchase sex dolls, so it’s still possible to find what you’re looking for.

The process of buying a sex doll is actually surprisingly easy. Most retailers have online stores that make it easy to purchase the doll of your choice. They also usually offer a wide range of options, from life-like to more cartoonish looks. So, you’re sure to find something that works for you.

Moreover, sex dolls today are incredibly realistic. They can be made to look like any adult, meaning they can have different body types, skin tones, hairstyles, and more. Plus, some of them even come with sensors that produce realistic responses to touch. So, they can provide a great form of companionship for people who are lacking it.

I think it’s a bit disappointing that Aliexpress refuses to sell sex dolls, as there is nothing immoral about owning one. However, like I said, there are plenty of other places to purchase them if you’re interested. Ultimately, it’s your personal preference, so you should do whatever feels comfortable for you.

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