can a penis pump be used without the silicone cover

My friend, I want to share my experience with you about ‘Can a Penis Pump be used without the Silicone Cover?’ When I was browsing the internet recently, I came across various advertisements promoting penis pumps but I was really unsure whether to trust them or not.​ So, I contacted few of my friends who had used it and then I got the confidence to try it.​

My first experience with penis pump was really eye-opening.​ As I had no idea what to expect, I decided to first go for the basic penis pump without the silicone cover.​ I was really shocked to notice the quick results.​ My Penis Rings became visibly harder and pumped up in no time after few minutes of using the device.​ I kind of felt invigorated and satisfied with the performance of the basic penis pump and sex toys couldn’t wait to try it with the silicone cover.​

So the next time I used the penis pump, I decided to go for the extra silicone cover.​ To my surprise, it made all the difference; the device felt more secure, easy to control and the strength of the vacuum was enhanced further.​ Besides that, the silicone added substantial flexibility and comfort to the experience.​ It was like I was in a whole new world altogether.​

Before I used the basic penis pump, I thought it was just a gimmick and wouldn’t be of much use.​ But, to my surprise, it really delivered what it promised.​ I found the silicone cover really increased the duration of the session and it was really comfortable to the touch as well.​

I was really amazed with the results of using a penis pump without the silicone cover.​ After using it, I felt my penis was more robust and I in fact, felt more in control when I used the penis pump with the silicone cover.​ On the other hand, I could not use the basic penis pump for too long as I felt the vacuum pressure begin to hurt.​

Then the most surprising thing which I noticed was that the results of using a penis pump with the silicone cover were more visible as compared to the basic one.​ I could see an appreciation in the size and thickness of my penis after using the penis pump with the silicone cover.​

I must say I am really satisfied with the results of using the penis pump with and without the silicone cover.​ Using the silicone cover definitely makes the experience more enjoyable, dynamic and comfortable.​ If you haven’t tried it yet, I suggest you to give it a go and experience the fun and pleasure of using a penis pump without the fear of injury.​

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