3 inch long male masturbator

Wow! It’s amazing that something as small and potentially powerful as a 3-inch male masturbator even exists! I never thought that a toy could provide so much pleasure in a small package like that.​

I’m actually quite lucky.​ I found my 3-inch male masturbator while browsing online for sex toys.​ It looked sleek, felt like velvet, and had the most amazing vibration feature.​ I was sold from the moment I saw it.​

The first time I used it I was a bit nervous.​ But the little guy was so easy to use.​ I just pressed the button and dildos it instantly provided me with the most incredible sensation.​ It was like a wave of pleasure washing over my whole body.​ I was absolutely amazed!

But what I love most about it is its versatility.​ You can use it any way you want – as a stroker, as a vibrator, you name it! Plus, it’s also waterproof, so you can take it in the bath with you for an extra sensual experience.​

When I’m feeling particularly naughty, I’ll pair it with lube and a good quality cock ring that I got as an added bonus and let the pleasure take me away.​ It’s almost like a mini-vacation from life.​

And if a mini-vacation isn’t for you, then don’t worry.​ You can mix it up a bit! Maybe use it with a bit of bondage gear or as an extension of your favourite toy.​ The possibilities are kind of endless.​

So, what do you guys think? Would you try one of these 3-inch male masturbators? I know it’d be a great addition to my collection for sure.​ It’s just so fun and exciting!

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